Cycling and mountainbiking has been a sport for over 2 years for me, which suits me as a person. I never really liked it,  I even hated it. If I had to cycle 1 kilometer, I would just take the car. It is awful, don’t you think? But since traveling through Zambia with the bike I can not think a life without cycling.

Mountain bike challenge Netherlands

Location: the Netherlands

Length: 198 mountain bike trails

Duration: not time

Many people declare me crazy because the Netherlands has 198 mountain bike trails. I thought it would be a great idea to drive, film and photograph all these courses and then write about them here. I had been walking around with this idea for some time, until I saw a young man enter into this challenge a year ago. Unfortunately I often see him driving with only men and I want to enter into this with only women. Because we women are also bad-ass. I will start in June.

Death Road

Location: Bolivia

Length: 70 kilometers

Duration: one day

This bike ride is actually the number one I wanna ride for a very long time. If you look at the name, you do not understand why. Death Road! But I like the adrenalin rush and I’m sure you’re going to get it here. It’s also called the most dangerous mountain bike trail in the world. I’m curious!


Location: the Netherlands

Length: 235 kilometers

Duration: one day

Personally I am not a person who like to participate in tours but why do I want to drive this own? Well more about the idea. Whit this ride you going to drive a kind of Elfstendentocht but not on ice skates but on a bike. This seems to me a fantastic tour to drive and I think also that I am going to enjoy this more and more when I get older.

Kilimanjaro Bike Trail

Location: Tanzania

Duration: 14 days including 11 cycling days

Length: +1175 kilometers

A monster ride with a big challenge. I have to train really hard for this one but I looks so amazing awesome to ride. Criss-cross through the landscape of Tanzania on a mountain bike.

Finnmark plateau

Location: Norway

Length: Unknown but you sit on the bike between 6 and 8 hours a day

Duration: 4 days

A amazing tour through the mountains of Norway on the most invisible trails. On a big mountain bike you discover the wilderness of the Finnmark Plateau, home of the Sami. A wonderful challenge through beautiful environment.

North Sea Route Netherlands

Location: the Netherlands

Length: 330 kilometers

Duration: 2 to 3 days

This route is officially longer and continues through Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Scotland and England. It is a route that runs along the North Sea. The total route is more than 6000 kilometers. For now it is a bit too much right now but driving a part of it in my own little country seems like a perfect challenge.

Cycling and mountain biking

So here is my  cycling and mountain bike challenger list that I want to do. Like all bucket list lists, this is a living list. This means that if I have stripped one away, after that I can add another challenge.. Of course there will always be something that can change, but this for sure my biggest wish-list.


Which cycling or mountain bike challenge should be included on this list? I am also curious what is on your list?