Ghost Town Doel

The mysterious village in Belgium


MAART, 2019

This place was standing for a long time on my bucket list. I live less than 40 minutes drive from the ghosttown Doel and in all those years I never been there. So on a sunny day it was time to visit this town. After 60 minutes driving we reached our goal. The entrance gates were open and we drove there on quietly. 

Ghost Town Doel

The first thing you see are all boarded up houses, full of graffiti. Not all graffiti  is equally beautiful but there are also amazing works of art. But it gives me a creepy feeling…it makes me shiver. It seems s if the village had been abandoned after a major disaster. Everything seems to have been left behind. But nothing is less true. 

In the 1960s, the Port of Antwerp wanted to expand and Doel had to go. Many residents left Doel and it slowly started to drain. Stuff was left behind but not everyone left. Since the 1960ss there had been a conflict between the residents and the municipality of Beveren. In 2013, Doel had only 28 residents who persisted in living there. Many of those people are old and don’t want to leave the village. 

Graffiti & street art in ghost town Doel

The streets of Doel are flooded with graffiti. Some are hard to see because they are ugly but some are very beautiful and real art works. Sometimes it takes some searching but before you know it you are facing a giant sprayed mouse on the wall. Take a look at these photos.

Do not enter

Entering the houses is prohibited, as it is still a private area. If you drive into Doel, you also spot it in signs. Almost all houses are closed in the front. Therefore, you can’t enter the houses. But sometimes a window had been broken and then you can look inside. Unfortunately i couldn’t contain my curiosity when we saw an opening while walking around. We sneaked in very carefully. Very strange and a little scary. 

If you do enter a house, be careful where you walk. Many things have been destroyed. Not everything is robust anymore. Sometimes there are big holes in the floor and things are hanging loose on the roof. Don’t enter the houses by yourself. I felt a bit like a intruder. Later on we heard that the police were driving around to keep an eye on everything. So we were lucky!

The cat house

When we were walking for a while I came across a sweet kitten. She was a bit shy and kept setting safely in the bushes. When we got close we saw food everywhere. The cats are clearly fed. We also saw a litter box next to an old toilet (clean). It smelled a bit after cats, but the cats looked good.

Ghost town Doel, a spooky colorful village

Furthermore, Doel is a spooky colorful abondoned village. There is a clear difference between the inhabited and the non-inhabited houses. If you don’t notice the difference properly, there is a clear sign saying “this house is inhabited”. You can see that this village is a good spot for someone with a photography heart. An urban photographer can be pretty happy with this.

Have you ever been to the ghost town Doel? So what did you think of it? Or would you dare to go there?


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