The Smurfen in Meerle

A trail with 19 caches


Meerle – Belgium

Totale of 124 finds



This blogs contains spoilers

The Smurfs, do you now them? With Geocaching you can expext everything. Including a complete trial in the Smurfs theme. Because we live near the Belgian border, it was an easy choice. Are you going with me?

The Smurfs

For a while we had an eye on this traditional trail. We heard from many people it’s not a very difficult trail and very beautiful. When you used to look at the Smurfs when you where a child, than this one is you should definitely must cache. The starting pointis isn’t difficult either. You take a look at the Geocache app or map and from there you can see how the route goes. You can walk the Smurfs trail by foot (which I highly recommend) but you can also go by bike or by car. The route goes through the village of Meerle. This is just over the border from Netherlands/Belgium.

Smurf Log-pole

Take a marker for this one because you want to log it because the descriptoin says it’s a log-pole. It’s a bit of a search but if you can find it than log your name.

Don’t forget to keep your nose closed here 😉

Who doesn’t know the Smurfs?

Ok, if you aren’t from Belgium or the Netherland probably you don’t know them. But that doesn’t mather because all caches are made beautiful. The creators of this cache payed a lot of attention to performance. In each of the caches it a lot of work. My compliments! Despite of the fact that these caches were easyto find and that we saw everything quickly, the search wasn’t boring at all. Along the way we walked past several nice places. Also a small animal park with (then) a few young deers. You walk thourgh a village and a open landscape. You will recognize different Smurfs right away. You will recognize glassessmurf, bigsmurf of smurfin (the only female smurf). But you also can spot the evil Gagarmel somewhere. 

Lunch at the Posthoorn

On the way you must also eating something. If you follow the route you will turn back in the centre of the village. A good spot to have a lunch is with the Posthoorn. Two gentlemen took over this place a few years ago and put all their passion into the business. Together with their mascot they run the place. The gentleman are very friendly and they have a nice chat.

Their mascot also likes to have a good long chat 😉

Hello 🙂

Just one we couldn’t find fast

There you are. Everything is easy to find except one. Actually, we just looked in the wrong direction. We are still newbies in Geocaching so we learn not to trust the GPS everytime. But after 15 minutes of searching we found it. As happy as kid.

Nice walking route

If you go by foot this is a very nice route to walk. In total it’s about 12 kilometers. Good for 4 hours of adventure + lunch. If you want to be faster, take the bike. You need to cross a small forest path but that shouldn’t ruined the fun.


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