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There are a number of placesin the world that can call themselves a Wonder of the World, and Petra is one of them. It’s is certainly a place that shouldn’t be missed during your trip through Jordan. One of Jordan’s most famous sights and perhaps of the entire Middle East.

Wonder of the World Petra: ancient city

Petra is an old city that has existed for more than two thousand years. Unfortunately, i hasn’t been visible for centuries because it was hidden under a lot of rocks. It was the result of many earthquakes. Fortunately, the excavation started in the last century and the city is almost in full glory. Almost because in reality only 20% of this city can be seen. Make no mistake, because you can walk for hours through this amazing old city without seeing the same thing twice. They also think that there are still many treasures hidden under the rocks. Who knows, you  might find one.

The Treasury

The most famous building of the old Petra is surely the magical Al-Khaznes also called “the Treasury” and known by many as Petra. But Petra is the city and Al-Khazneh the famous tomb. This tomb is gigantic and was build approximately 85 years before Christ. This monument is, just like the city,well preserved because the people knew how to make it sustainable and maintain it. It’s therefore a Wonder of the World. 

Wonder of the World Petra, a gigantic building

This gigantic building is really a magical moment. Many look forward to see it for the first time. After a hike of more than 4 kilometers through the narrow gorge, also called the siq. The siq is actualluan attraction in itself because the presense of centain oxides and other minerals, the sandstones are colored pink – reddish brown. That combination with a beautiful sun, is just amazing!

But what you have been looking out for days, you will finally see through a small crack: the frist sight of Petra. A memory that you don’t forget and where I could barely believe my eyes. This was perhaps the most beautiful  moment of the entire hike through Petra. 

Furthermore, Al-Khazneh consists entirely of rock and is also completely carved out of a rock wall. Petra therefore means rock in ancient Greek. You can’t go inside of the tomb. This is to keep it in perfect condition. But believe me you don’t want to because the outside is amazing. 

The hike through Petra

Petra isn’t just Kharzeh as many books make it look like. Don’t go back if you have admired Kharzeh but just go further. I’m not talking about 3 kilomets but really, make a hike through the big city. We been hiking for about 6 hours. This of course with lunch in a cave and spotting another fanatic excavation. It was a hike I will never forget, especially because it was very hot. At one point we tapped the 35 degrees and we walked in full sun. So drink a lot of water and rest in the shade. But despite the heat, it was beautiful and definitely worth it.

Petra by Night

Really this the one thing you must do when you are visiting Petra. Your guide may say that this isn’t so special (as with me) but believe me, this is perhaps even better as Petra by Day. If you find Petra magical during the day, then this gives you a lot of more magic. 

You make the same hike as with Petra by Day, but now there a thousand of candles along the path. After 4 kilometers you arrive at Kharneh with hundreds of candles. You literally step into a fairy tale. After some silence, an old man starts playing real Jordanian music. It echoes through the high walls. Tears fall over my cheeks because this is a once of a lifetime exprience and a must do.

Remember that not every night is “Petra by Night”. Petra yNight is only on Monday, Wednesday en Thursday and the entrance tickets cost €14,50.

Practical information Petra

Together with Shoestring I made a trip through Jordan. Everything was arranged for met me. But if you travel alone (without an organization) then here a few useful tips.

  • Come in the early morning or in the late afternoon (if you come early you have the whole day). 
  • At the above times the colors are the most beautiful and the temperature the best. The temperature rises during the day.
  • Petra is open from 6 o’clock.
  • I have been there for only one day but the best is two or even three days.
  • Best time to visit Petra is from mid-March to mid-May (I was there in April). The green is beautiful and there are amazing flowers in bloom. 
  • The entrance of 1 day Petra is €61,-, the entrance for 2 days is €67,- (2019). Entrance tickets can be purchased atthe visitor center.

Wonder of the Petra, is it safe

Unfortunately you here soms troubled stories from that region. Although there are safety risks, I didn’t feel unsafe for a moment. Therefore, don’t skip Jordan or Petra.

Facts about Petra

  • Al lot of people think this is a temple because of structure of 40 meter high and 25 meter wide. But actually it’s a royal grave.
  • In 1985 the city is declared a World Heritage by UNESCO.
  • Petra is the main attraction of Jordan.
  • It is about 8 kilometers from Petra to small Petra

Jordan is extremely versatile and you won’t get bored during the tour and is centainly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen.


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