We started with a climb. It’s difficult. You want to look around and see everything. It’s so beautiful, but you have to pay attention to where you are walking. Step by step you go up, to one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Koh Tao: the John Suwan Viewpoint.

John Suwan Viewpoint

This beautiful viewpoint is one of the most amazing viewpoints of the island of Koh Tao. Koh Tao is an island that lies in the Gulf of Thailand, and has a area of 21 km² and has about 1400 inhabitants. A walk to this place isn’t that easy.

This is because of the road to it is not all equally good. Driving a scooter is a challenge and taxis are quite expensive on the island. Therefore, we thought it was a good idea to walk towards the viewpoint. After a kilometer we came back on our decision and we picked up a taxi. This is because the island had very large hills and it was about 35 degrees that day. The sweat trickled off our faces.

View from the the John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao

John Suwan is the most visited viewpoint and one of the most photographed places of Koh Tao. Actually not surprising because the view is really great. The viewpoint is named after two friends: John and Suwan. These two men discovered this place. It gives a view of Chalok Baan Kao Bay and Thian Og Bay.

Before you start you must know that it is not just a walk upstairs. We started our mini hike flat. According to the signs, it would take us about 10 minutes before we reached the top. Well, just add up to 20 minutes. Because of the heat and the steep path you just go much less fast. A amazing view along the way also counts for the delay.

Jungle-like trail on Koh Tao

The further we came up, the more jungle. It was clambering and we had to look good where we going to stand. Sometimes it was so style, that you had to pull yourself up by a rope. After, almost 20 minutes of climbing we were almost there. The last challenge was the big rocks. Maybe it was not so smart to put on a skirt, but I did it! Once you have overcome those rocks, you will get one of the best views waiting for you. A 360 degree panoramic you will get for free. In clear weather you can also see Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. This is actually a view that you must have seen with your own eyes.

Trail to John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao

Trail to John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao

Trail to John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao

Enjoy at the top and back again

The climb was more than worth it. We stayed up for about 30 minutes. Here and there, there were a few daredevils and there was even a man who whent completely naked (photo I leave behind;)). In those 30 minutes we have mainly made a lot of photos and when as far as could go. It’s more hopping from rock to stone and from stone to rock.

The way back is exactly the same, only you have to keep paying attention. On the trail there enough stones that can cause you to slide. This is mainly because you see other beautiful things on the way back. So look around, but also look where you are walking.

View from the the John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao

Trail to John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao

Practical information John Suwan Viewpoint

Of course there are a few things to you have to now before you walk this trail. First wear good shoes or sneakers. Don not wear flip-flops. I have unfortunately seen some people with big wounds on their feet. Also, take enough drinks and something to eat. When, we were there the temperature tapped about 35 degrees. I sweated myself. There is nothing available on the way.

View from the the John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao

Mosquito repellent is also a must. After all, you are walking in a mini jungle. The trail is not suitable for people who have difficulty with walking. There are a number of style climbs.

John Suwan Viewpoint is located in the South of Koh Tao and you pay 100 bath entrance. At the start of the trail there is a man, who maintains the trail and ensures that you can get up safely a possible. I don’t know whether this is correct because at soms places of the trail the helping rope is quite thin. But a 100 bath and with luck 50 bath is not much. That way we help that man again.

It is really worth going to this viewpoint. So, take the time to combine it with the beaches in the area. So that you have a great day out on the Island.

Would you like to make this mini hike to John Suwan viewpoint?