Traveling alone is becoming increasingly popular. More people decide that it is good for them to have traveled at least once alone. Traveling alone often happens with a backpack and countries such as Thailand are immensely popular among solo travelers. But alone on city trip…that is something not alot people will do.

My first solo city trip alone

Personally, I enjoy traveling alone very much. Can really enjoy it to be able to decide everything by myself. Also because I travel often, I do not always have someone who can or wants to join. So the only option is to go alone. When I saw a good offer for Milan, I wanted to go there. Unfortunately, nobody could join me on that day when the offer was valid so I decided to go alone. Secretly I thought it was a bit weird, alone on city trip but it all fell very good. It even tasted like more.

Alone on city trip

Traveling alone is a big step for many people to take and then all the way to a city. Traveling alone by a country seems so much easier. On Social Media I regularly see questions about whether to go or not to go on a city trip alone. All I can say is: GO GO GO!

Tips for city trip only

Only on a city trip is not that different than just traveling through Thailand. With these tips I know for sure that your solo journey through a city will be a success.

How do I meet other people

1. Sleep in a hostel

Of course they also have plenty of hostels in a city and there is hardly a better place to get to know new people. Look in advance where the hostel is located. A good site to find a hostel is Hostelworld. Almost all hostels are shown here. You can also see reviews and many photos.

If you do not want to share a bedroom, book a private room (a lot of hostels have that too) and you also get the benefit of a easy meeting.

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2. Join a bike ride

Nowadays in every city, you can join bicycle tour.. You can join and the guide will take you through the city on a bike. During the bike ride you have a good chance of meeting other and new people. That is of course a great way to meet other people and you are moving in a good way.

3. Go on excursions

Besides the bike tours they also have other organized activities in a city. Find this out at your hostel or hotel and book. Here, too, you will meet new people and you are not alone.

I wrote once before how in 9 tips you meet other solo travelers (only in dutch).

How you can keep it fun

4. Go walking through the city

You think, walking alone is boring. Well, you’re wrong. During my walk through Edinburgh, I met street musicians everywhere. Super nice, and if you are tired of them you just continue. During the walk you have the choice which way you go and this gives that extra piece of freedom.

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5. Go out for dinner

Okay, I understand that. The first time just eating out alone, I also found exciting and not fun. Fortunately I have managed to reverse that. Often I do not eat big, but I eat small dishes at different places. You go to different restaurants and choose one dish from the menu. In Milan I first had a famous sandwich at a bakery, then I tasted the best ice cream in the city and later in the evening I ate a mini pizza.

6. Spoil yourself

That soundsĀ  strange, but by this I mean the following. You are alone, so you can do what you want. Have you walked the whole day through the city, book a nice massage in the evening or go out for dinner in a 5-star restaurant. You can do everything if you while traveling alone.

7. Eat what you want

Yeah, great advantage. A city is bursting with restaurants and you can often get something tasty on every street corner. Make use of it. I always enjoy the culinary delights during a visit to a city. I eat what I feel like at that moment;)

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8. Go to a live performance

When I was in Scotland, I went to a live performance by a Scottish band in the evening with someone people from the hostel. Later I was here alone but I had a very nice evening. And you get to learn so much of the culture or customs of the city in this way.

Only on a city trip … it’s not that bad

It all seems much scarier than it is. Traveling alone can be quite a relief. No need to think about anyone and think up your own plan. I have never really been alone unless I wanted to be alone. Especially with sleeping in a hostel you meet many people. So you only go on a city trip but do you still have doubts? I hope these tips will convince you and go with a beter feeling. Because a city trip alone is really fun and you can do what you want. Enjoy!

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