The Cathedral of Milan or the Duomo Santa Maria Nascente is one of the largest Roman Catholic churches in the world and the third largest cathedral in Europe. The St. Peter in Rome and the big cathedral in Sevilla are even bigger.

Cathedral Duomo Santa Maria Nascente

You must visit this cathedral and is for sure the number one when you visit Milan. The church is finish to perfection and contains very nive details. You look your eyes out. The Dom with it’s 108.5 meters high is not to be missed during your stay in Milan. In the heart of Milan and you can see the church on the Dom square. A very touristy place where you can walk around.

That moment, that you walked 500 stairs and you get the first viewpoint, you immediately understand why this is one of the most beautiful cathedrals of the world. It feels like a little fairy tale and I am the princess who can walk around. I am ata place, where I feel calm and can enjoy all the wonderful things the Duomo has to offer.

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History of the Duomo

Construction of the cathedral lasted for 500 years. The beginning of the construction began in the 14th century and is completedat the end of the 20th century. Later the cathedral was also renovated. The gothic church contain 135 marble decorative and over 2200 marble statues and it has been well preserved over the centuries. The marble is supplied in a special road and came from the quarries at the Lago Maggiore.

Catherdral Duomo in Milan, visting Milan, what to do in Milan, things to visit in Milan,

At the end of the 20th century, two heavy bronze doors were added to the main entrance. On these doors you can see the history of Milan. The statue of Madonna is in gold since 1773 and you can see it on the highest tower. Currently (07-2017)the church is under renovation and the statue of Madonna is hard to see.

Visit the Domuo

Visiting the Dom is more than worth it. Actually you can’t skip this one if you are in Milan. You must have to visit this place. If you visit the Dom from the inside, take also time to visit the roof and when you are on the roof. You get a spectacular vier over Milan.

The roofis accessible with a elevator or stairs. The staircase is cheaper to visit but counts more than 500 steps. Fortunately I didn’t have any muscle pain but it was a climb. The waithing line is also shorter if you decide to go up with the stairs. After the climb (or ride with the elevator) you will be rewarded with a beautiful view. You can look far over Milan with clear weather. It you have good eyes you mabye even see a little bit of the Alphen.

Catherdral Duomo in Milan, visting Milan, what to do in Milan, things to visit in Milan,

There is plenty to tell about the Dom. As we said, construction only lasted for sereval centuries. If you want to know everything about the Dom, than I recommend a tour. Here you walk with a guide through this beautiful church, where you can learn everything about it of the past and the present.

If you visit the cathedral inside, don’t forget to view the entire cathedral. You have several places where you can find beautiful images. The stained glass is also present in amazing forms. It’s also possible to burn a candle at the statue of the Blesses Virgin Mary.

Catherdral Duomo in Milan, visting Milan, what to do in Milan, things to visit in Milan,

Did you know?

  • The inside hides different treasures. If you pay for it you can visit remnats from the Roman time. When you enter, you go directly to the leftan you can go down. It’s just below the ground. It is definitely worth a visit.
  • The Duomo is 157 meters long and 92 meters wide.
  • On May 26 in 1805 Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned King of Italy in the Duomo.
  • If you are tired of the Duomo you can go shopping in any direction.
  • You can’t use a flash if you want to photograph indoors.
  • The cathedral has 135 splits.
  • And 2300 statues.

Catherdral Duomo in Milan, visting Milan, what to do in Milan, things to visit in Milan,

What do you need to know about the Duoma

Before you visit this place it’s useful to know a few things. For a fee you can visit the cathedral (if you only want to see the inside and not the roof or museum – it is free). Thet apply different prices. The pricesare entirely dependent on whatyou want to do. You have a wait for two hours in a row to a skip the line. But there is also a difference between the stairs and the elevator. If you want a group tour, you also pay.

Because I only was in Milan for a short time, I chose for skip the line. On the website of Tiqets (dutch) I bought the ticket and paid 14 euros. I whent with the stairs, the elevator is more expensive.

Catherdral Duomo in Milan, visting Milan, what to do in Milan, things to visit in Milan,

Usefull information Duomo

It’s realy worth paying a little more moneyand chose a skip the line ticket. You will not regret it!

  • The Duomo is wheelchair accessible.
  • Pay attention to your chothing.
  • There is a extra control at each entrance. Keep in mind that the wait may take a little longer.
  • Pull out a morning. Take the time to admire everything.
  • Walk around the cathedral once.
  • Walk through the many pigeons on the square. They are not afraid and come to you with big numbers, especially if you have some food. Nice for a photo.

This cathedral is one of the most beautufil that I have seen. If you are in Milan you MUST visit the Duomo. You will not refreg it! I have visited the cathedral every day, somethime just to enjoy the best that the Duomo has to offer from the outside.

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Have you ever visited this beautiful cathedral? What did you think of it? Or would you like to visit this cathedral after reading this blog?