In Milan there is a forest that is not horizontal but vertical. Yes, you read that right. We are not talking about a plant or a lost violet but a real nature area. It is a forest with 730 trees, 5000 bushes and more than 12.000 other plant growing on a bulding. And if you want you can live in there. Cool, isn’t?

Bosco Verticale: 10.000 square meters of forest

If you live in Bosco Verticale, you live in a 10.000 square meter forest, which divedes into two buildings. This is in the middle of a big city, a metropolis. The people who live there, have little to say what they want on their balcony. Of course, a flower is allowed. But if you want a extra tree, you are unlucky.

The designer had chosen the plants on basic of how large they are, on which side of the building they come, but also which side they grow the best. You buy (rent is not possible) an apartment and you choose the plants they offer. It is not only beautiful living but also good for the evriroment. The trees and plants also provide shade, which makes the temperature less large with indoor and outdoor. And did you know that the trees and plants hold a lot of noise outside, so you almost feel like you living in a true forest.

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Bosco Vertical: a forest in Milan

Bosco Verticale was built by the city council of Milan, in 5 years time for the Expo of 2015. This is a world exhibition and that year the theme of the Expo was “Food for the planet, energy for life”. This is of course a wonderful way to bring there two themes together.

The two green skyscrapers are located in the Porta Nuova district and can easily be reached from the city center. You can see the buildings from a distance. They are about 110 and 80 meters high and every balcony is fulled with tress and plants. It amazing to see!

Living in Bosco Verticale is not cheap. You pay for a apartment of 60 square feed around the €760,000. That is €12.700 per square meter. For comparison: per square meter you pay in Amsterdam €2.800. And we think that living in Amsterdam is expensive.

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Green throughout the year

Infortunately for the real autumn addicts. Every season there will grow four different trees, plants and flowers. In the spring for example, the Magnolia and the Jasmine. In the summer the Oak, the Olive tree and Pomegranate tree. The autumn provides a bit of red and orange but not much. And in the winter the Mulberry tree and the Turkish hazel grow. So finally the autumn lover can still enjoy a little bit.

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Visit the Bosco Verticale

When I was in Milan i really wanted to visit this place. It’s easy to reach by metro, bus or train. Milan has a good public transport system. Viewing the property inside is not possible. Even if you want to go up the building. you will be disappointed. But you can walk and explore the aera around the building. The neigbordhood is full of cozy bars and small parties. When I was walking around there was a small festival. I still not know what it was exactly for, but it was fun to see. Everyone I asked did not speak English, and I don’t speak Italian. So it becomes difficult to have a conversation.

It is reallycool to see how a forest grows so high. Very strange. I continued to amaze myself about it. The building looks very modern and then the trees and plants grow everywhere. Strange view!

Bosco verticale, bosco verticale milan, what to do in milan, citytrip to milan, citytrip milan,

Visiting Bosco Verticale doesn’t take hours. You walk on you own wayen try to spot the many trees on the building. Then enjoy yourself in the cozy neighborhood. Just take a good day out to explore the Porta Nuova district. Nothing wrong with that and that how you get know the city of Milan.

Would you like to live in a vertical forest?



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